What We Do

The primary purpose of our website and O2.0 — the HyperbaricLink blog — is to serve healthcare consumers and referring physicians as an information resource about hyperbaric oxygen therapy, including:

  • The HBOT treatment process and physiology
  • Hyperbaric chambers and equipment
  • Diseases and conditions
  • Indications for use and biologic plausibility
  • Summary of the state of evidence and links to research and clinical trials
  • Curated links to other helpful web resources
  • Treatment centers that provide HBOT
  • Physicians and clinicians who specialize in hyperbaric medicine
  • Manufacturers of hyperbaric chambers and vendors of equipment and supplies
  • Management companies that operate HBOT treatment centers
  • Consultants and other professionals who serve HBOT treatment centers
  • Organizations that accredit HBOT facilities and educate and certify clinicians
  • The latest news about HBOT technologies, conditions, providers, and equipment

Curating helpful links to reliable sources of information is one of our chief objectives. We’re not the experts. But we’re experts at finding the experts and making connections. We want to be the jungle guide to HBOT, getting consumers safely to and from reliable information sources. How they use what they find there is up to them.

Our Mission

HyperbaricLink.com is the independent guide to hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). We connect healthcare consumers to HBOT practitioners, providers, researchers, associations, and manufacturers. It’s the Web’s first comprehensive HBOT information resource and community designed especially for you, the healthcare consumer. We aim to:

  • Assemble a rich central store of information on hyperbaric oxygen therapy,
  • Connect factions and fragments in the hyperbaric medical community,
  • Host a new forum for self-guided research and scientific collaboration,
  • Stimulate a free exchange of ideas and viewpoints,
  • Tap the powerful force of consumer-driven healthcare, and
  • Accelerate the advancement of evidence-based hyperbaric medicine.

Whatever your reason for considering HBOT, HyperbaricLink.com is the place to learn, connect, and get answers.


HyperbaricLink.com is a product of HyperbaricLink LLC, a Massachusetts Limited Liability Company.

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Our Latest News

We give the latest and greatest developments at HyperbaricLink the royal treatment on
O2.0 — the HyperbaricLink blog. The following link will take you to the blog, filtered for the news about our site: HyperbaricLink News.

More Information About Us

Need to know even more about HyperbaricLink? The following resources will tell you more about who we are, our carefully considered policies, and fine companies and organizations with which we work.

Editorial Policies and Principles »

We value our place as a respected independent source for information about hyperbaric oxygen therapy. To keep things that way, we've written a comprehensive editorial policy that governs the information presented on HyperbaricLink.com and O2.0 — the HyperbaricLink blog.
Read all about it.

Evidence-Based Medicine »

Peer-reviewed scientific research is the foundation of effective medical practice. At HyperbaricLink it's so central to what we do that we've put together a full explanation of why it's the basis of the information we provide.

Internet Best Practices »

We're committed to being a "white hat" consumer information website. Learn about how we do this and how hospitals, outpatient clinics, and independent clinics can benefit.

Leadership »

Meet the people behind the web pages. Our leadership team is dedicated to building a quality resource for healthcare consumers and referring physicians.

Partnerships »

HyperbaricLink has business relationships with a select group of companies and organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions »

Looking for answers? We've put together a list of frequently asked questions, and their answers, about HyperbaricLink. If you don't find what you need there, feel free to contact us.


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