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We believe our most important role is as a provider of reliable healthcare information to consumers, referring physicians, and professionals in the field of hyperbaric medicine. Accordingly, our editorial policy governs all the information we provide.

Who pays us (and who doesn’t)

We charge most hyperbaric treatment centers and vendors a fee to maintain the directory listings for their organizations. Participating treatment centers have the opportunity to present more information about their facility and staff in our standardized listing format.

Some of our pages display sponsored advertisements and links from the Google Adsense program. We do not chose which advertisements appear, but we do periodically review the advertisers and their ads. We exclude those we feel are illegal, inappropriate, or distasteful. We do not have any direct relationship with the organizations originating the advertisements unless they also happen to be treatment centers or companies listed in one of our directories. We are paid by Google for presenting the advertisements and when someone clicks on a link. Google's share of the advertising revenue has helped make Google the awe-inspiring thing it is.

We make every effort to block Adsense ads by manufacturers and sellers of so-called “mild hyperbaric chambers” as well as the treatment centers using these devices. The constant appearance of new domain names and advertisements associated with these devices make this a never-ending task.

Independence and impartiality

HyperbaricLink is not a pay-to-play media outlet. No paid editorial content of any kind, other than clearly marked advertising, appears on our website or blog. If it appears we’re picking favorites or taking sides, then you can bet we’re standing with those whose claim is based, in our view, on the best clinical evidence.

Silence is not information

The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Our coverage of this field of medicine would be incomplete without including clinical trials reporting null findings and information about wildly popular but wholly unproven uses of HBOT. Consumers need to know what options to avoid along with those they are safe in choosing.

Diseases and conditions

We cover both FDA-cleared and off-label indications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We think it is vitally important that patients and referring physicians get information about the state of clinical evidence for off-label conditions so they can jointly make the best healthcare decisions.

We are careful about what information we provide about both approved and off-label indications and we provide links to additional patient and clinical resources from reliable sources of information about evidence-based medicine. Disease and condition information includes the clearance and approval status of each disease and condition listed, at-a-glance summaries of the clinical evidence, and direct links to the relevant online medical literature and information about current clinical trials.

Treatment centers

Treatment center directory listings are provided in a standardized format so our website visitors will have the best basis for learning and comparison. It is up to the treatment centers to decide what information to provide. We review information provided by treatment centers to ensure it is consistent with our presentational standards.

Our policy is to list only FDA-cleared indications for treatment centers based in hospitals, hospital-affiliated outpatient facilities, and independent medical clinics. We will remove listings for treatment centers that appear to be violating FDA rules regarding promotion of off-label treatment. We may exclude treatment centers from our directory at our descretion if, in our judgment, providing a listing for the facility does not serve the public interest.

Applicable laws

We will not publish violative promotions of products and services. Treating off-label is legal. Marketing off-label is not. Information about hyperbaric oxygen products and services on our website, as on treatment center websites, is regulated by the FDA under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act. We will not post any information (text, data, graphics, or video) that, to the best of our understanding, violates the law. We also take pains not to link to treatment center or other websites that contain violative promotions, but some such links are unavoidable if we want to provide basic contact information.

So-called “mild hyperbaric” treatment

We do not list so-called “mild hyperbaric”facilities in our directory. Our editorial position is that “mild hyperbaric” treatment: 1) does not constitute a valid medical therapy, 2) has no legitimate peer-reviewed clinicial evidence to support its use for approved medical conditions, and 3) it is administered with devices that do not meet the relevant safety standards for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


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