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Hyperbaric Medicine Center


Honolulu, Hawaii


Hyperbaric Treatment Center Type

Facility Type: Independent Hyperbaric Clinic »
Trauma Center:
24/7 Access:

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Administrator: Mr. Alfred C. Mc Cracken, RRT, CHT
Medical Director: Dr. Wayne Warrington, DO.

Diseases and Conditions Treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Each disease or condition listed below is linked to more information on:

  • Description, causes, and patient resources;
  • Treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy;
  • Clinical resources, with links to abstracts and databases;
  • News, further reading, and more.

Click on the disease or condition name for more information.

= treated at this facility.

Embolism (bubbles in blood or tissue)
Air or Gas Embolism »
Decompression Sickness »
Hypoxia (lack of oxygen)
Anemia »
Gas Gangrene »
Intracranial Abscess (brain and skull infection) »
Necrotizing Infections »
Osteomyelitis (bone infection) »
Ischemia (restricted blood flow)
Acute Traumatic Ischemias »
Central Retinal Artery Occlusion »
Compartment Syndrome »
Crush Injuries »
Skin Grafts and Flaps »
Neurologic Conditions
Sensorineural Hearing Loss »
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning »
Cyanide Poisoning »
Smoke Inhalation »
Problem Wounds
Chronic Wounds »
Diabetic Ulcers »
Radionecrosis (cancer treatment wounds) »
Thermal Injuries
Burns »

We list only diseases and conditions for which an indication has been approved by the Oxygen Therapy Committee of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. Other therapies may be used in addition to, or in place of, hyperbaric oxygen.

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Hyperbaric Chambers

3 single occupant (monoplace) chambers

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We identify only chambers cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration for an indication associated with the specific diseases and conditions listed above.

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Phone Numbers

Primary: (808) 851-7030
Chamber: (808) 851-7031


Address and Location

275 Puuhale Road
Honolulu, HI 96819