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HyperbaricLink is the web’s independent guide to evidence-based hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We provide information for patients and medical professionals.

Independent because HyperbaricLink serves no editorial mission other than promoting evidence-based medicine. HyperbaricLink is not financially beholden to any company or group promoting another agenda.

Evidence-Based because the information HyperbaricLink presents comes from the consensus of medical science in the United States, as published by highly respected sources of peer-reviewed clinical research. While we are advocates for hyperbaric oxygen therapy when it has been proven safe and effective, we are equally vocal when research has shown hyperbaric oxygen to be of little or no benefit.

What We Do

HyperbaricLink provides directories and information resources about hyperbaric oxygen therapy, including:

  • hyperbaric treatment center capabilities and details,
  • medical conditions treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy,
  • hyperbaric chambers,
  • the hyperbaric treatment process, and
  • new developments in hyperbaric medicine.

Our Mission

We aim to be the “jungle guide” to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, getting patients and clinicians safely to reliable information, both on our website and elsewhere, steering them safely around the quicksands of unsubstantiated claims, unproven cures, and unreliable providers. We’re not medical experts. But we’re experts at finding relevant experts and making their knowledge more accessible.

We think it is vitally important that the evidence-based medical community does a better job of communicating with patients. Part of this is making good information more accessible. Another part is speaking up about when not all claims should be given equal weight.

Editorial Policies and Principles

We value our place as a respected independent source for information about hyperbaric oxygen therapy. To keep things that way, we've written a comprehensive editorial policy that governs the information presented on HyperbaricLink.

Editorial Policy


HyperbaricLink.com is a product of HyperbaricLink LLC, a Massachusetts Limited Liability Company.

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