Hyperbaric Treatment Center Types

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is administered at a range of healthcare facilities, from major teaching hospitals to independent clinics. Some capabilities are determined by the type of facility, while others are provided by all types of treatment centers serving the public.

Some hyperbaric treatment centers are completely integrated with the emergency and acute care programs of their parent hospital. Others focus on a specific field of medicine. Many specialize in treatment of chronic wounds and diabetic ulcers as part of a comprehensive wound care program.

Treatment center medical staff typically include physicians (MD or DO) trained in hyperbaric medicine, certified hyperbaric technicians (CHT's), and clinicians specializing in medical disciplines focused on the conditions treated with hyperbaric oxygen.

The HyperbaricLink treatment center directory identifies three types of hyperbaric treatment centers serving the needs of the majority of healthcare consumers and six specialty types serving specific patient populations:

Hospital-Based Treatment Centers

  • Located in facilities with advanced care capabilities which usually include an emergency department, operating rooms, intensive care services, and round-the-clock staff;
  • Provide both inpatient (people admitted to a hospital bed) and outpatient treatment (people visiting the clinic from home);
  • Can to combine hyperbaric treatment with other specialized types of treatment to care for patients with multiple or complex conditions;

 Learn more about hospital-based hyperbaric treatment centers.


Outpatient Facilities

  • Provide care for patients able to visit the clinic for each treatment;
  • Often located in a facility that is physically removed from the associated hospital’s primary in-patient building and emergency department;
  • Affiliated with a hospital, medical center, or multiple-location healthcare system;
  • Usually focus on treatment of a limited number of approved conditions such as chronic wounds, diabetic ulcers, and related issues.

 Learn more about outpatient hyperbaric treatment centers.

Outpatient Facilities

Independent Hyperbaric Clinics

  • Freestanding facility equipped with FDA-cleared hyperbaric equipment;
  • Independent HBOT providers operate in physician offices, wellness centers, or commercial buildings;
  • Independent hyperbaric clinics may treat a mix of FDA-cleared and experimental/investigational (“off-label”) indications;
  • Medical directors of independent clinics specialize in hyperbaric medicine and often specific conditions that respond to HBOT;
  • Independent clinics generally have the lowest cost per treatment.

 Learn more about independent hyperbaric treatment centers.

Independent Clinics

Specialized Hyperbaric Facilities

Veterans Administration

  • Hospital or clinic restricted to military veterans;
  • Closed to the general public.

Government, Military

  • Hospital or clinic serving active duty military personnel;
  • Some partner with local hospitals or clinics, but most are closed to the general public.

Government, Nonmilitary

  • Hospital or clinic restricted to government employees for research or other specialized activities;
  • Closed to the general public.


  • Dedicated to the treatment and monitoring of clinical trial subjects or research into hyperbaric physiology;
  • Usually not available to the general patient population;
  • Only a few major academic medical centers operate such facilities.


  • Usually not available to the general public;
  • Operated by companies specializing in commercial diving, oil and gas exploration, aviation, or other industrial applications.

 A hyperbaric treatment is a medical procedure and carries a risk of side effects and complications. For the vast majority of patients the risks are low and the side effects infrequent, minor, and short-lived. Learn more about the medical conditions treated, clinical staff, and hyperbaric equipment before seeking treatment at any hyperbaric facility.

Treatment Center Directory

The HyperbaricLink directory provides extensive information about participating hyperbaric treatment centers, including:

  • treatment center type
  • practice areas and capabilities
  • accreditations and certifications
  • clinical staff
  • hyperbaric chamber types
  • hours of operation
  • map and directions
  • contact information

 Use the directory to learn more about hyperbaric facilities in your area.

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