Special Hyperbaric Chambers


Hyperbaric Stretchers

SOS Hyperlite hyperbaric stretcher
SOS Hyperlite hyperbaric stretcher
assembled and ready for operation.
Image courtesy of SOS Hyperlite, Ltd.

In emergency situations, where every minute counts, hyperbaric oxygen treatment in the field can save lives. SOS Hyperlite manufactures a portable hyperbaric stretcher that can be quickly assembled in the field and operated during patient transport by land, sea, or air.

Capable of providing 100% oxygen at 2.28 ATA (atmospheres absolute), the SOS Hyperlite system weighs less than 200 pounds. It will fit through the door of most multiplace hyperbaric chambers, enabling the patient to pass from one treatment system to another without being decompressed.


SOS Hyperlite has received FDA 510(k) clearance to market the Hyperlite for UHMS approved diseases and conditions.

The Hyperlite conforms to ASME PVHO-1 (2007), Case 12, and other safety standards. A variety of configurations are available for military and civilian use.

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