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A special welcome to physicians and other clinicians. HyperbaricLink is designed to provide you with more useful information about hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and more treatment options for your patients.

This page is a guide to the HyperbaricLink resources of particular interest to clinicians, along with some helpful tips for those who are getting up to speed on this treatment modality.

New Feature!

The HyperbaricLink Registry

The Registry enables authorized representatives of hyperbaric treatment centers to provide information about their facility, staff, and chambers. Treatment centers with verified listings get priority treatment in HyperbaricLink search results, and those with Standard level listings can show more information on their profile.

Referring Patients to Hyperbaric Treatment Centers

Use the HyperbaricLink Treatment Centers directory to locate facilities that are the best geographic and clinical fit for your patients. Directory listings identify:

  • Facility type—hospital or outpatient
  • Hours of operation
  • Practice areas—emergency medicine, wound care, and other specialties
  • Conditions treated
  • Hyperbaric chamber types
Treatment Centers

Evaluating Indications for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Use the HyperbaricLink Diseases and Conditions directory to identify the indications for which hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been demonstrated to be safe and effective, and to learn the state of clinical evidence for other conditions. Each directory entry includes a summary of treatment of the condition with HBOT.

The directory entry for each condition includes a clinical resources section that gives you one-click access to specific search results related to HBOT and the condition on:

  • ClinicalTrials.gov
  • Google Scholar
  • HBOEvidence—meta-analysis of HBOT clinical trials
  • PubMed.gov

Clinical resources also includes direct links to the most relevant research and reliable clinical resources elsewhere on the web.

The HyperbaricLink Evidence Index provides an at-a-glance summary of the state of clinical evidence for each medical condition listed. You can use this as a guide to the appropriateness of HBOT and as a resource for patients who think HBOT might be helpful for their condition.

The Diseases and Conditions directory entry for each medical condition includes a list of the best internet resources for patients interested in learning more about their condition and treatment options. HyperbaricLink only includes resources that support evicence-based medicine.

Diseases and Conditions


Professional Resources

A number of professional groups provide leadership in hyperbaric medicine and related specialites. The HyperbaricLink directory of Medical Organizations provides single-page summaries of these institutions.

Medical Organizations

Industry Resources

HyperbaricLink provides directories of the companies that provide products and services to hyperbaric oxygen therapy providers:

Chamber Manufacturers

Equipment Suppliers

Service Providers

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Overview

HyperbaricLink provides a comprehensive overview of HBOT, including:

  • How hyperbaric oxygen works
  • Side effects
  • Hyperbaric chamber types
About Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
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